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About V joiners Australia

Based across Victoria, Vjoiners Australia has developed a world leading V joiner, which drastically cuts the time it takes to join wire. With a life time of experience putting together wire fencing on his Victorian property, Mark Mahoney has spent the better part of a decade developing this fantastic product. With Vjoiners developed for every type of wire, Mark has made sure that no matter what wire you are using, he has a product for you.

As a farmer Mark knows just how much lost time costs, and when there are never enough hours in the day, every minute saved counts. With his new creation Mark hopes to make farmer’s, fencing contractor’s, orchardist’s, and vineyardist’s life easier by saving them time and money.

The Vjoiner comes with a specialist Wire Shaping Tool that makes the use of the Vjoiner easy. The plastic from both the Wire Shaping Tool and the electric fence Vjoiner will last for up to a century out in the elements; this is because Mark believes in creating products that last.

With the cost of postage included the electric fence vjoiner is cheaper than the bullnose/gripple combination and is faster to install.

Vjoiners Australia is the only suppliers of the Vjoiner and we deliver Australia wide. So, if you’re looking to save time and money, while using a quality product, then browse our range and order online today.