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Australia made and owned       

VjoinersAustralia-Long Life Post  Caps and Strainer Post Ties.

Strainer Post Ties 

This is for do it your selfers who use Gripples.

Designed by a farmer for farmers the patented Strainer Post Tie dramaticaly reduces time in building a fence.

With quality galvonized 2.5 mm wire 110 cm long and of 500 kg load tolerance.

(Multi-purchasing brings postage discounting.)

Long Life Post Caps

The Long Life Post Cap is made out of pipe grade Polyethylene plastic, boasting up to 100 years life and super high fracture resistence.

This cap protects the post from rain water entering via  vertical cracks in the top of the post that then causes further cracking by swelling when wet and shrinking when it drys. The cracks access untreated pine wood in the centre of the Treated Pine Post and allows rain water to get in, that then causes further cracking over the seasons, reducing post strength and life.

The Long Life Post Cap prevents weakening of the post from cracking, by stoping water entering from the top. 

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