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Key Advantages

It really does the job!

The Vjoiner has no moving parts that corrode and seize up like superseded products.

The Vjoiner takes one minute to install where superseded or no products take 3-5 minutes.

The Vjoiner has even greater time saving advantages over most limited electric fence couplings as it takes one minute to install where superseded products take 4-6 minutes.

With postage included, the electric fence Vjoiner is cheaper than the bullnose/ gripple combination and is much faster and easier to install. The bullnose has not been improved on since the invention of the electric fence.

Once the posts are in the ground and the wires are pulled, it only takes 10 minutes to tension up and tie off all wires not half an hour as with superseded products.

Priced competitively

In effect it is like getting a machine in the factory to tie the wire to the strainer post for you.

The plain galvanised wire rusts where it makes contact with the strainer post more than where it is in the air, that is why the heavy duty Vjoiner has stainless steel wire on it that makes contact with the strainer post and is designed for ultra-long life that hopefully will match the life of the grape vine or fruit tree for wine producers and orchardists relative to environmental conditions.

The one size Vjoiner clip fits all size wires including barb.

The Vjoiner is so reliable and efficient you will save time and money without ever having to deal with stock in the wrong paddocks from broken fences.

The Vjoiner is reusable for the life of its materials unlike superseded products.