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20 Kg packs

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Wire Shaping Tool - 20KG
The Wire Shaping Tool is made from extremely tough and flexible plastic that will last for up to ..
Standard Plain and Barbwire Vjoiner - 20KG (140 Pack )
This  20 KG pack comes with 140  Standard Plain and Barbwire Vjoiner capable of joining..
Electric Fence Vjoiner - 20KG(140 Pack)
This 20 KG Electric Fence pack comes with 140 Vjoiners capable of joining  any guage of ..
Heavy Duty Vjoiner - 20KG ( 120 Pack)
This 20 KG pack comes with 120 Vjoiners designed for vineyard trellis wires and withstands a load..
Unwired Electric Fence Vjoiner - 20KG ( 240 Pack )
The 20 Kg Unwired Electric Fence Vjoiner pack  comes with 240 unwired Vjoiners and is the co..